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We all love a good breakfast, it just starts the day off right. Or, if we're honest, sometimes it finishes it off perfectly, because, let's face it, sometimes breakfast for dinner is what's called for.... or you just ran out of time. We get it, you're busy, or just can't be bothered. We can't either, but then, we've already tasted our Seriously Great Granola and decided that yep, it's totally good enough for dinner (seriously!). Wanna try it?


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Stocked Foods can be found at the shiny, all new Wireless Hill Farmers Markets in Ardross with our wholesome range of gluten free products for your pantry; Anything but Ordinary. Plain Flour; Seedy Morning Muesli and Seriously Great Granola.

Market Dates: Sundays from October 15 2017, 8am - 12noon



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